3D Printed RC Boat - SPEEDY

3D Printed RC Boat - SPEEDY

SPEEDY is a remote control boat. I used standard components that are commonly available. I thought that this project would be simple and I would be able to design, print and put it into operation in a few weeks. I finally finished this project after a few months. The first prototypes had many shortcomings. I have gradually eliminated all shortcomings and you can see the result of my efforts.


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The shortcomings were:
- incorrectly selected components (motor, battery, speed controller, etc.)
- poorly accessible assembly of components in the ship
- contact of components with each other
- water flowing into the boat
- poor or no engine cooling (water did not circulate or circulated little)
- vibrations from the motor and shaft, which resulted in a lot of noise
- imperfect rudder control
- water flowing through the rudder


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