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Marble Run

In 2019, our ten-year-old son received a GraviTrax kit for Christmas. The kit is perfect and really very good. After a few hours of playing, I thought I would improve the kit so that I still don't have to feed the balls to the beginning. I think I succeeded and the kit became very popular for all age groups., so I continued to expand and improve and you can see the result.

Instructions videos

Just playing with Marble Run videos

Models for printing

Mining Machine - Planetary Gearbox

Gearboxes, gears, engines have always been something I enjoyed. That's why I decided to create a planetary gearbox just for fun and also to practice modeling skills and I created a mining machine. The machine can be used as an aid to illustrate the planetary gearbox for young technicians. The main problem of the whole project was to correctly design the tolerances of all joints, so that after assembly everything would work as it should, which I succeeded after several attempts. The machine runs smoothly.

Instructions videos:

Models for printing

Mining machine presentation.jpg